27 April, 2011

Heyya! It's been a long time since my last post :P tumblr captivate me with its charm, and luckily, I'm captivated HAHAHA. Check my tumblr :3

Rite now, I really have nothing to do. Lyk I'm sitting in the class with my earphone on my ears, Big Bang songs playing, and not in the mood to do anything. Cramps all over my back and stomach weren't the best thing to acompany you for the whole day. I prefer good feelings and nice weather acompany me the whole day ;)

Just heard about Big Bangs's schedule on May 28th. And..... you know what? IT'S ON JAKARTA, BABY! They will perform on a festival called Jakarta International Teen Festival, and the promotor is the same as the one who held Justin Bieber's concert. I hope the ticket's price isn't expensive, at least below 1 million idr. I just really hope so. And I really hope that my parents will let me to watch the concert(and paying for my ticket also :P). That's my earnest wish from the really bottom of my heart.

Why I'm so excited about this concerf? Because my current bias was Big Bang..... GD & T.O.P were so awesomeeeees :* eventhou in some point, my heart aches because their parodies....err.....why T.O.P have to kiss them all? In Boys Before Flower parody he kissed Daesung, in Beethoven Virus parody he kissed Seungri, in their latest parody, Secret Garden(which is REALLY AWESOME!!!) he kissed GD and Seungri!!! AAAAAA WHY YOU HAVE TO DO THAT, T.O.P?????(BUUUUUT... somehow I relieved that T.O.P did kiss girls too in his movies! If he wasn't........ his image as a gay will last in my brain for a loooong LOOOOOONG time *sigh*)

School... Somehow I think I can survive in this hell, no kidding. School wasn't hell in earth, but school is a cage with lion inside(and we're trapped inside). It may kill you anytime. In this school case, it may kill you with many tasks, piles of homeworks, fvcking tests, remedials, bad report card and the "most anticipated" in house, our parents' anger because what we do in school. HA HA. But the point is, school is sucks, but less sucks than before o:)

My last week holiday wasn't a holiday. It feels so fast! And many homeworks to do and may tasks stayed quitely waiting for me to touch them. But I didn't touch them at all hahahahaha. Sorry teachers, your homeworks were burdens who burdened my holiday! :3

Awshoooooooow! This post is getting to long. Ky
teacher has come too, by the way. Caio ppl!



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